Trigeminusneuralgie is een aandoening die pijn aan één kant van het gezicht veroorzaakt. Deze chronische pijnaandoening beïnvloedt de trigeminuszenuw, die het gevoel van je gezicht naar je hersenen draagt. Als je trigeminusneuralgie hebt, kan zelfs een milde stimulatie van je gezicht – zoals door je tanden te poetsen of make-up op te doen – een ondraaglijke pijn veroorzaken.

Je kunt aanvankelijk korte, milde aanvallen ervaren. Maar trigeminusneuralgie kan verergeren en meer frequente aanvallen van brandende pijn veroorzaken. Trigeminusneuralgie treft vrouwen vaker dan mannen, en het komt vaker voor bij mensen die ouder zijn dan 50.

The effects of low level laser therapy on the management of chronic idiopathic orofacial pain: trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular disorders and burning mouth syndrome

Robert Antonić, Martina Brumini, Ivana Vidović, Miranda Muhvić Urek, Irena Glažar, Sonja Pezelj-Ribarić

LLLT with its biostimulatory, antiinflammatory and analgesic effects has proven to be an effective intervention in reducing pain in TN, TMD and BMS patients. Nevertheless, LLLT still has not been included in every day dental practice in the treatment of chronic idiopathic orofacial pain.

One of the reasons might be a lack of standardization of treatment protocol for LLLT. Therefore, one of the aims of this paper was to contribute in developing specific guidelines for the use of LLLT in patients with TN, TMD and BMS. Our research suggests that better results can be achieved with higher wavelenghts. LLLT might also be important for reducing coasts of treatment, as we have less need for surgical treatment or medicine use. Because only 6-10 applications are necessary to achieve pain relief, LLLT may also have a positive psychological effect, especially on patients suffering from chronic pain conditions, such as TN, TMD and BMS.

Low-level Laser Therapy for Trigeminal Neuralgia – Case reports on two patients whose unrelenting facial pain and hypersensitivity from their diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia resolved with low-level laser therapy.

Vernon L, Hasbun R. Low-level Laser Therapy for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Pract Pain Manag. 2008;8(6).

Case 1:

On the 5th treatment day, the patient reported greatly diminished pain in the region, there was no change noted of the facial palsy. Treatment of the 5th cranial nerve was continued using the protocol as noted above for a total of 20 treatments, even though the patient was completely symptom-free from pain by the 12th treatment session.

Case 2:

Response to treatment was again seen by the 5th treatment and by the 9th treatment the patient reported only minimal discomfort. By treatment session 12, the patient was essentially pain free.

Low Level Laser Therapy for the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia after Oral surgeries: Two Different Applications

Intsar Waked; Asmaa Attalla; Marwa Eid.

Background: Trigeminal neuralgia is an inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, causing intense facial pain.

Objectives: The major purposes of this study were to evaluate the effect of laser therapy in Trigeminal neuralgia and to compare between different points of application.

Materials and Methods: Forty five patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia post oral surgery were selected after initial evaluation and diagnosis, patients were randomly divided into three groups of equal number. (E1); received LLLT through trigger point application and (E2); received LLLT through nerve path application while Control group (C) received placebo LLLT. The intensity of pain was measured by numerical rating scale.

Results: The results of study showed that there were significant reduction of pain in experimental groups (E1& E2) with percentage of improvement 45% & 34% respectively more than control group (C).

Conclusion: LILT was more effective than placebo in trigeminal neuralgia and the trigger points application was superior to nerve path application

The Effect of Low-level Laser Therapy on Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Review of Literature

Farnaz Falaki,Amir Hossein Nejat,and Zohreh Dalirsani

The studies revealed that low-level laser therapy could be considered in treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Laser causes pain relief without any side effects. It could be helpful especially in patients suffering from neuralgia tolerated to drug therapy. It should be mentioned that distinguishing neuralgia from other chronic pain such as atypical facial pains is important in effectiveness of treatment.

Behandeling bij Light Care

Een behandelsessie duurt 45 a 60 minuten en bestaat uit:

  • Transcraniële fotobiomodulatie met onze Brain Care-helm. Dit apparaat heeft een golflengte van 810 nm.
  • Transdermale fotobiomodulatie van de C5-C7-wervels bij 660 nm en 850 nm.
  • Transdermale fotobiomodulatie van de trigeminuszenuwtakken V1, V2 en V3 bij 630 nm en 850 nm.


  • 2x per week gedurende 6 weken.
  • Daarna 1 x per week indien nodig

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