Stressfracturen zijn kleine scheurtjes in een bot. Ze worden veroorzaakt door repetitieve kracht, vaak door overmatig gebruik – zoals herhaaldelijk op en neer springen of lange afstanden rennen. Stressfracturen kunnen zich ook ontwikkelen door normaal gebruik van een bot dat verzwakt is door een aandoening zoals osteoporose.

Enhanced Healing and Bone re-Modelling by Low-Level Laser Therapy for Rapid Pain Control in Pediatric Fractures

David Ip

The current prospective study of a clinical case series of patients presenting with delayed consolidation of fractures involving the upper and lower extremities in the pediatric population indicated that low-level laser therapy if administered correctly can on the one hand initiate the bone healing process thereby shortening the time for fracture union, but also LLLT can in fact promote fracture re-modelling as well. All patients tolerated very well this non-invasive form of conservative management at an affordable costs comparable to conventional physical therapy.

Laser Therapy in Treatment of Stress Fractures : A prospective randomized trial

June 2006; Medical Journal Armed Forces India 62(2):27-29 DOI:10.1016/S0377-1237(06)80148-6

Authors: Ashutosh; Chauhan Pawan Sarin

Result: The test group showed earlier resolution of symptoms and painless ambulation with fewer recurrence. Conclusion: LLLT appears beneficial in treatment of stress fracture in this preliminary study.

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) in bone repair: A systematic review

Jose Stalin Bayas Escudero, Maria Gabriela Benitez Perez, Marcelie Priscila de Oliveira
Rosso, Daniela Vieira Buchaim, Karina Torres Pomini, Leila Maria Guissoni Campos,
Mauro Audi, Rogério Leone Buchaim

Results: The literature search identified 254 references in PubMed/MEDLINE and 204 in Web of Science, of which 33 and 4 were selected, respectively, in accordance with the eligibility requirements. The analysis of researches showed articles using PBMT in several places of experimentation in the subjects, different types of associated biomaterials, stimulatory effects on cell proliferation, besides variations in the parameters of use of laser therapy, mainly in relation to the wavelength and density of energy. Only four articles reported that the laser did not improve the osteogenic properties of a biomaterial.

Conclusions: Many studies have shown that PBMT has positive photobiostimulatory effects on bone regeneration, accelerating its process regardless of parameters and the use of biomaterials. However, standardization of its use is still imperfect and should be better studied to allow correct application concerning the utilization protocols.

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